Mice Busters

Saturday night/ Sunday morning, I was awake at 1 am doing something  (Probably playing video games, but I don’t really remember.) when I suddenly heard running above my head.  I froze.  At this point I was incredibly tired and not thinking straight, so the only logical conclusion for what I heard was: Monster Sized Mukade.  The running sounded like it came from a bunch of tiny feet and it seemed to enjoy running across the ceiling of my bedroom and down the wall, right by my bed.  I grabbed my electric fly swatter and went on a patrol around my apartment to see if there were any holes or evidence that animals/ insects had been in my apartment.

After finding none and realizing the sound was only in my bedroom, I reluctantly returned to my bed.  The good news: whatever it was couldn’t get into my apartment.  The bad news: I realized that I had left a towel outside on my balcony to dry and there was no way I was risking opening the door to get it.  If it survived the night, I would collect it in the morning.  Otherwise, I didn’t need that towel anyway.  Well, I guess the other bad news is that I couldn’t sleep.  It took me another hour to relax enough to try and sleep.  (And this was only after my dad said it was probably just mice.)

Sunday night/ Monday morning at 2:30 I was woken by the sounds of running again.  This time, the noise was accompanied by scratching too.  Right. By. My. Head.  I tried pounding on the walls a bit.  I tried playing music.  Nothing worked to get rid of the noise.  After going on another patrol of my apartment to ensure the perimeter had not been breached, I piled a few pillows on my head and went to sleep, vowing to ask my supervisor about it in the morning.

I was a zombie on the ride to work, but I got there eventually.  My supervisor has been sick lately, so I waited until I had a chance to talk to Youngest-English-Teacher before bringing up the issue.  I explained the situation and she promised to bring it up at the English teacher’s meeting we have every Monday during 3rd period.  After the meeting, my supervisor phoned the school in charge of my apartment building to ask if they could help.  They said that it was an old building and there wasn’t much they could do if mice were getting it.

I couldn’t believe it.  The approach that the school seems to take is, “We’re really just waiting for the place to be condemned.  So, why sink anymore time or money into it?”  My supervisor looked uncomfortable because I was questioning the other school’s decision to ignore my problem and because I was trying very hard not to call them a bunch of idiots.  I simply said, “Ok,” and started to research options online.  I was just trying to figure out where to buy peppermint oil when my supervisor said, “Youngest-English-Teacher and I are going to the drug store to pick up this mouse repellant thing we found.  It uses strong herbs to keep them away.  After school, she and Biker-sensei will go to your apartment to help you with it.”  (I’m paraphrasing.)

Two thoughts immediately crossed my mind: 1) I’m glad I cleaned a bunch because I thought Simone would be crashing with me over the weekend.  And 2) I have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink from all the cooking I did the day before.  I said thank you a thousand times, of course, but was trying to think about how quickly I could straighten up my apartment before people showed up.

Thankfully, Biker-sensei told me to head home a little early so I would be at my apartment to meet them.  As soon as he said there was a cartoon cloud behind me and I was on my way.  I raced home and cleaned up as best as I could.  I somehow overlooked the laundry drying on the rack, but I think I got to that before anyone else really saw it.  I hope.  If not….

Anyway.  After searching for an access door to get into the crawl space between my ceiling and the roof for probably 45 minutes, my teachers admitted defeat.  Youngest-English-Teacher put the herb thing in the highest part of my closest as close to the wall where the noises were coming from as she could.  As they were leaving, she said, “Mousebusters, failed.”  That line alone made the whole experience worth it.  And I think placing the herb thing where she did actually helped.  I haven’t heard the mice the past two nights.  Either they’re gone, or dead.  And either way, they’re silent.


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