Attempting to Shop

On Saturday, I went down to Miyazaki City and met up with Cassie (based in Kushima) and Deepa (based in Nichinan).  First stop was an Indian restaurant that Deepa raved was so authentic it made her homesick.

So much deliciousness.

So much deliciousness.

After lunch we went to a store called Don Quixote which has absolutely everything crammed into one store.  Just thinking about it triggers my claustrophobia, but it wasn’t so bad at the time.  It was a little overwhelming and utterly unorganized, but I got a few things I needed (and a few more that I just wanted).  I broke down and finally got myself a ceramic knife that I’ve been wanting for months.  After using it yesterday, it may have been my best purchase of the day.  Next we went to an anime store where I picked up some merchandise.

Next stop was a small mall where I got a new purse (which I’ve been wanting since May).  We spent a little time wandering around and Deepa and Cassie tried on a few things/ bought some things, then we moved on to the big mall (the one with Gap and Starbucks.)

I could write an entire ethnography (anthropological research paper) about Japanese fashion.  However, that would require me to find some sort of overarching themes or even attempt to understand pieces of it.  The problem is, for the most part, I don’t really get Japanese fashion.  I’m not talking about runway-nobody-would-wear-that-in-real-life-high fashion kind of fashion.  I’m talking about what your average person on the streets wears.  There are a few things I do understand:

  • Baggy is in.
  • An oversized bow placed directly above your cleavage is the way to go. (Rhyming not intended, but I’m not going to fix it.)
  • Pseudo-layers are important for when you want that layered look, but you only want to have to actually wear one layer.  A lot of the time shirts will look like cardigans with frilly shirts underneath, (using different fabrics and everything) but will actually only be one layer.  And then you have the shirts that say, “Naw, screw that.  We’re just going to draw the different parts on a t-shirt.)  And then it looks like the cardigan version of a tuxedo t-shirt.
  • Layers.  So many layers:

These are guys’. Seriously.  Because why wear pants to keep warm when you can wear shorts and leggings.

  • English makes clothing cooler.  I doesn’t have to make sense or be spelled correctly, just by having English on the item, the clothing is cooler and more fashionable.

IMG_0481 IMG_0489

All in all, it was a productive day.  I got two much needed pairs of pants and a new shirt.  I’m still pretty bored with my wardrobe, but at least I can mix it up a bit now.


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